About us

Our employees provide everything required to be a successful team: expert knowledge, many years of experience, a flexible mindset, pragmatism and last but not least a good dose of charm.

Thus we enable you to optimally and transparently exploit high-grade user data in order to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Meet our Experts

Marc Majewski

Marc Majewski


Marc is an “old hand” in online marketing business. Since 2015 he treads new paths in making data driven advertising worthwhile for everyone with advanced audience.

Marc Majewski

Christoph H. Terwiel

Head of Business Development

Chris not only knows the advertiser’s side inside out, he also cares about all strategic and operative processes. Besides he’s shaking many hands in order to ensure the successful establishment of our data marketplace internationally.

Fabian Hübner

Fabian Hübner


With more than 16 years experience in high available and scalable systems and big data platforms, Fabian a.k.a. Fab is one of the most reliable experts in the market and literally fabulous.

Dirk Koehler

Dr. Dirk Koehler

Legal & Business Consultant

Dirk is a lawyer by profession and passion and gained various entrepreneurial, management and legal experience spanning from investment banking over lawfirms to in-house legal and consultancy functions.