Easy access to e-commerce interest & intent audience data via programmatic buy

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Innovative data network
for brands & agencies

We connect advertiser to audiences from e-commerce intent & interest categories. Easily access relevant audience via programmatic for fair data pricing to help you to meet your CPA goals.

Artificial intelligence helps us to categorize audience according your need and depth. We offer a huge range of content and brand categories to give you the highest fit to your campaign goals.

Why we are the best choice

Constant & high data quality
Constant data pricing in line to your CPO goals
Real time e-commerce data
Fully transparent in process of data collection & distribution
Huge range of audience & data categories „on demand“
Smart-split between interest- & intent-data
About average conversion rates

Get easy access to relevant audiences for display
advertising campaigns via programmatic buying in DSPs such as
Google DBM, IntelliAd and BrightRoll DSP.

Just search for advanced audience in your favorite DSP or ask us for help!

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